Saturday, July 25, 2015

Hermes Family Reunion!

Will and I aren't big campers, but I'm so glad we went to the annual Hermes family reunion this year. It's always a big campout on the third weekend in July. Each time we have attended over the years, we have been embraced with so much love and welcome! It is my Grandpa Edwin's family (he died when my mom was two), but all of his siblings, especially his sister, Aunt Kay, take us under their wing. We made such a happy memories, ate the most amazing food and got to reconnect with such cherished family! And the kids looooved getting dirty and sleeping in our giant tent, which we lovingly refer to as the Gross Schloss. (schloss is "castle" in German.) They are happy campers, for sure. 'Til next year!


  IMG_1799HermesFamilyReunion2015 IMG_1702HermesFamilyReunion2015 HermesReunion2015-6 IMG_1713HermesFamilyReunion2015 IMG_1759HermesFamilyReunion2015 HermesReunion2015-4 IMG_1781HermesFamilyReunion2015 IMG_1811HermesFamilyReunion2015 IMG_1912HermesReunion2015 IMG_1815HermesFamilyReunion2015 IMG_1846HermesFamilyReunion2015 IMG_1857HermesReunion2015 IMG_1868HermesReunion2015 IMG_1873HermesReunion2015 IMG_1888HermesReunion2015 IMG_1894HermesReunion2015 IMG_1912HermesReunion2015 IMG_1920HermesReunion2015 IMG_1930HermesReunion2015 IMG_1937HermesReunion2015 IMG_1941HermesReunion2015 IMG_1945HermesReunion2015 IMG_1949HermesFamilyReunion2015 IMG_1915HermesReunion2015 IMG_1952HermesReunion2015 IMG_1959HermesReunion2015 HermesReunion2015-1 IMG_1979HermesReunion2015 HermesReunion2015-3 IMG_1985HermesReunion2015 IMG_1987HermesReunion2015 IMG_1992HermesReunion2015 IMG_2053HermesReunion2015 IMG_2004HermesReunion2015 HermesReunion2015-2 IMG_2009HermesReunion2015 IMG_1962HermesReunion2015



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