Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Making Christmas Mugs with Friends!

Decorating Dollar Store mugs with oil-based sharpies proved to be a Pinterest win! It was fun to get together with some of our friends for a fun activity and some hot cocoa, of course!
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Saturday, December 5, 2015

Family Photos and Annual Christmas Letter

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Merry Christmas! With the convenience of social media, I feel like Christmas cards/letters are a little less necessary, but I can’t seem to give up this fun tradition, and hope that someday these little letters will be a treasure to my family. At the very least, it guarantees me one solid journal entry for the year!

Will is as busy as ever at the flower shops. We’re thankful for his incredible hard work and the way the family business has blessed our lives. We are in the process of changing the name of all the shops from “Flowers to Go” to “Williams Flowers,” which is exciting! Will also loves serving in the bishopric at church, reading to the kids way (way!) past their bedtime, and sweetly doing little projects for me. He continues to be the man of my dreams, and we all love him like crazy.

I took a break from my little photography business this year to help out more at the shops… I primarily take pictures and manage Facebook, which has been really fun. Hopefully I’ll continue to get better at it. Homeschooling our kids has taken up most of my time, and although we’re far from perfect at it, I absolutely love it. We also meet weekly with a homeschool co-op where the kids enjoy fun classes like cooking, sewing, art, science etc. I continue to love working with the young women at church, the occasional photoshoot, and meeting up with my writing group. Most of all, I love my life as a wife and mother.

Isabella (10) is extremely helpful, and loves her “baby” Charlton so, so much! She also loves to read, write poems and short stories, gymnastics, dancing, her friends, acting, soccer, and shopping. She loves going to church and can’t get enough of the Friend Magazine.

Liam (7) is still obsessed with the American Revolution, loves read alouds, soccer, boffer weapons, climbing trees, riding his bike, hamburgers, his friends, and wrestling anyone willing. He gives the best bear hugs in the world and is looking forward to being baptized in a few months. He’s enthusiastic and sincere. Such a good boy!

Juliette (5) loves gymnastics, baking, books, painting, coloring, crafts, doing hair, dressing up, and her friends. She is so happy and always smiling. She’s also very wiggly! I love talking to her, especially when she asks cute questions like, “When do girls start hunting for a husband?” or “When are we going to visit Germany again? It is my favorite land.”

Charlton (2) is such a light in our family. He loves his blanket, balls, playing outside, play dough, tortillas, baby oranges, and making messes. His specialities are dumping toys out of their bins and taking all the cushions off the couch. In public he can be a bit reserved, but at home he is the life of the party. He is completely adored around here, and eats up being the baby. We’ll see how long he remains the caboose-- we’re still hoping to adopt!

At this special time of year, we are especially grateful for the goodness and love of the Savior, and our dear friends and family. Thank you for blessing our lives and we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Love, The Gross Family… Marie, Will, Isabella, Liam, Juliette and Charlton



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