Thursday, August 6, 2015

Great Grandma's Birthday!

This happened way back in July, so I'll have to go archive it later on, but Happy Birthday, Great Grandma Gross! She is a ray of sunshine and absolute sweetness in our family, and I'm so grateful for her... sure wish I could remember what was so funny when she blew out her candles!

This was also the day the Liam and Juliette got super brave in the hot tub. They've always been a bit apprehensive about putting their heads under water, but they were all in! It was such great timing, too, because I believe they started swimming lessons the very next week. Happy, happy memories.
GreatGrandma'sBday2015-1 GreatGrandma'sBday2015-2 GreatGrandma'sBday2015-3 GreatGrandma'sBday2015_4 GreatGrandma'sBday2015_9 GreatGrandma'sBday2015_10 GreatGrandma'sBday2015_8



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