Friday, October 30, 2015

Happy 2nd Birthday, Charlton!

My heart breaks a little when my babies turn two and three. I just adore this age so much. I can hardly stand letting them grow up, but such is life, and I guess it wouldn't be as sweet if they stayed this way forever. Charlton has brought our family crazy amounts of joy and happiness. He loves each of his siblings and they absolutely love him too. He loves balls, books, plain tortillas, bikes, magnatiles, blocks, legos, playing outside... to name a few things. He is very good about naps and bedtimes, pats me on the back when I hold him. Loves animals. He is very daring... hardly anything scares him, and he's super coordinated. He will still fall asleep on my chest, which is the sweetest. thing. ever. And as snuggly as he is with me, he is an absolute daddy's boy too. He has the most expressive eyes and facial expressions. He's just so cute!

What more can I say? We love him with all our hearts, forever and a day.

Happy Birthday, beautiful boy!
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