Thursday, September 10, 2015

Utah Trip

I had such a great time in Utah back in September. The highlight was seeing my baby brother Bryant off on his mission to Denmark! There was lots of girl time, a date with my dad to the movies, Waffle Love, a visit to the Salt Lake Temple, visits with my grandparents and extended family, and unfortunately, quite a bit of puking. Waaaah. What's up with traveling and sicknesses? I didn't get sick but there were at least 5 people down and out at one point or another. Still such a wonderful trip, though!

IMG_3433SistersTripUT2015 SistersTripUT2015-5 IMG_3295SistersUTTrip2015 IMG_3417SistersTripUT2015 IMG_3403SistersTripUT2015 SistersTripUT2015-4 IMG_3333SistersTripUT2015 IMG_3316SistersTripUT2015 SistersTripUT2015-3 IMG_3311SistersTripUT2015 IMG_3306SistersTrip2015 SistersTripUT2015-1 IMG_3305SistersTripUT2015 IMG_3301SistersTripUT2015 IMG_3429SistersTripUT2015 SistersTrip2015-2



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