Friday, September 25, 2015

Little Saints Soccer 2015-Isabella

I was proud of Isabella for having fun and persevering even though her team didn't win a single game this season. She still loved every minute of soccer and can't wait for next season!
LittleSaints2015-I_8LittleSaints2015-Isabella(4) IMG_3603LittleSaints2015 LittleSaints2015-I_3 LittleSaints2015-Isabella(3) LittleSaints2015-I_5 LittleSaints2015-Isabella(2) LittleSaints2015-I_9 LittleSaints2015-I_10 LittleSaints2015-I_11 LittleSaints2015-Isabella(1) LittleSaints2015-I_8



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