Sunday, February 21, 2016

Tea for Felicity

The commonwealth school we are a part of adds such a richness to our homeschooling experience. It's a bit of work and I come home dead tired, but to say my kids love it would be an understatement, which makes the effort worth it to me. We meet weekly and everyone contributes in their own way. For this particular semester, I taught an "American Girl" class, which the other teacher and I originally thought would teach history through the old American Girl dolls.

For one of our very first classes, we went over an American Girl play about Felicity during the American Revolution. The girls just loved it and so our class morphed into a bit of a theater class as they practiced each week and prepared for a big performance they wanted to have at the end of the semester. They were very determined to perform it on a stage, and I loved how passionate they got about it and to see all their ideas and dreams play out was such a great experience! I didn't get any pictures of the kids practicing at school, but we'd often have little play practices at our house, too, so below are some pictures of that adorableness (I love how they'd always dress up in their costumes to practice):
  IMG_6828FelicityPlay2015IMG_6754FelicityPlay2015 IMG_6759FelicityPlay2015 IMG_6767FelicityPlay2015 IMG_6768FelicityPlay2015 IMG_6770FelicityPlay2015 IMG_6785FelicityPlay2015 IMG_6792FelicityPlay2015 IMG_6800FelicityPlay2015 IMG_6816FelicityPlay2015 IMG_6824FelicityPlay2015 IMG_6827FelicityPlay2015 Felicity2015-1

And now for the actual performance. I didn't get many pictures the night of the show since I was juggling so many things that night, but I do have a few--such fun memories! I'm so, SO thankful for good friends who helped me with setting up the stage. I'd never done anything like this before and so their help and support meant the world to me! And I will never forget how well the kids performed. I was so, so proud of them!

Who knows, maybe we'll do something like this again sometime. There's been talk of doing some sort of musical theater class next semester...     FelicityProgram-3AboutTheCharacters IMG_9214FelicityPlay2015 IMG_9220FelicityPlay2015 IMG_9225FelicityPlay2015 IMG_9227FelicityPlay2015

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