Thursday, October 22, 2015

Gymnastics for the Girls

We've got both of our girls in gymnastics right now and they love it! It's a treat for me to watch my budding gymnasts, that's for sure. Juliette especially looks forward to it each week, always asking me if today is "gymnastics day" or not. And Isabella likes it so well that she's doing gymnastics instead of dance right now. She wishes she could do both--maybe someday, but that would be quite the time and financial commitment. However, ballet is being offered next semester at our homeschool co-op, so soon she will be doing both! Lucky girl!
  Gymnastics2015-1IMG_5012Gymnastics2015 IMG_5008Gymnastics2015 IMG_5009Gymnastics2015 Gymnastics2015-3 IMG_5036Gymnastics2015 IMG_5023Gymnastics2015 Gymnastics2015-2 IMG_5033Gymnastics2015 IMG_5014Gymnastics2015

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